CA Cape Rock

Cape Rock stands out as a truly remarkable display font, designed to make an indelible impression. Envisioned with the spirit of a robust Clarendon typeface, its bold and distinctive forms inject a captivating blend of flair and character into any design that craves a commanding display aesthetic. Notably, a generous assortment of ligatures and custom ending characters has been meticulously incorporated within this OpenType font, offering effortless accessibility through automatic or manual activation in an array of contemporary design applications.

The font's bold demeanor ensures that it commands attention, making it an ideal choice for projects that demand a bold, charismatic presence. Its harmonious balance between weight and style enhances the visual experience, while the abundant ligatures and unique ending characters imbue designs with an additional layer of artistry. Whether it's a poster, branding, or any form of typographic expression that craves an infusion of strength and individuality, Cape Rock steps up to deliver an exceptional display solution.

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Created for Cape Arcona Type Foundry with Stefan Claudius