CA Spy Royal

Unveil the captivating allure of Spy Royal – an innovative script typeface, devoid of intersections, presenting itself across an expansive selection of 6 distinct styles. Fusing elements of both script and streamlined fonts, it emanates a unique hybrid essence that captivates the eye.

Its genesis harks back to a 1954 Japan Airlines advertisement, a time when flights to San Francisco, Honolulu, and Okinawa aboard the new DC-6B "Pacific Courier" airplane were on offer. From this historical snippet, only the letters composing "JAPAN AIR LINES" were utilized. The ingenious endeavor lay in envisioning a complete font from this limited set of uppercase characters.

Originating in 2004, Spy Royal has recently undergone an extensive reimagining, emerging in a refreshed iteration accompanied by supplementary styles such as shadow lines and 3D-shadow effects. Its versatility knows no bounds, making it a seamless fit for themes spanning automobiles, racing, hot rods, vintage aesthetics, cocktails, retro designs, restaurants, gasoline culture, and certainly aviation.


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Created for Cape Arcona Type Foundry

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