Something that every type designer once tried out:
scanning rub-down lettering and make a typeface out of it. Now, after twenty years of beeing a type designer, I did the same.

For most designer it’s quite boring and old-fashioned to use a trashy Helvetica and there are thousands of similar free fonts around, I think. When I look back to 1998 - 2001, where trashy, textured websites and grungy typography popped up, I get a warm feeling. Those times were great. I remember creating trashy websites and fonts just like my brothas Thomas Brodahl (Surfstation.lu), Eduardo Recife (Misprinted Type), Jay David (Final.nu) and Yohan Gingras (aka Evil Pupil), just to mentioned a bunch. This typeface honors those times, even if I always hated Helvetica.

THS 8055 is based on Helvetica Medium, item number 8055. Three stylistics sets with alternate letters where added and the typical Helvetica R was changed to a non-Helvetica style R – why? – because I like it so. Initially just created for in-house use, now free for all.

Free OpenType font for non-commercial & commercial use.
Enjoy and Download or vice versa.

v1.005 / 23.05.2017
Added a Bold style