{ths} is a graphic design and typography bureau founded in 1999 by German artist, graphic designer and type designer Thomas Schostok in Essen. {ths} specializes in web and print design, brand / identity and type design.

Started with graphic design at the beginning of the 90s, Thomas Schostok works at the crossroads of fine art and graphic design. Still focusing on web and print design, {ths} also had international exhibitions. His love for typography can always admired in his art and design work. For his project entitled ›BEAST Magazine – The Bible of Inspiration‹, 2001, Thomas Schostok invites artists and designers to participate, providing a perfect example of how technology can provide alternative means of publication. In 2002 {ths} co-founded The Cape Arcona Type Foundry, a type foundry that produces and digital typefaces and creates custom and corporate typefaces.

2021, ›BEAST#13‹, Plastikcomb Publishing
2021, ›SOFT SUCK‹, Plastikcomb Publishing
2021, ›REIHEN‹, Plastikcomb Publishing
2017, ›Almost Ready‹, self-published
2013, ›{ths} Mr. Trash‹, eBook
2008, ›{ths} Mr. Trash‹, sold out
2008, ›{ths} Hard Blow‹, Rojo® Editions

2010, ›{ths}: Art and Typography‹, Galeria Design – BWA Wrocław, Poland
2010, ›Reflektor 3: Spieltrieb‹, FH Dortmund, Germany
2006, ›33PT‹, FH Dortmund, Germany
2006, ›Speaker’s Corner‹, Münster, Germany
2004, ›BD4D‹, Mannheim, Germany

Reflektor 3, Fachhochschule Dortmund
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