{ths} run by graphic designer Thomas Schostok was founded 1999, is a graphic design production company that operates from print to web design, art direction, brand / identity and type design. The studio is based in Essen/Germany.

Started with graphic design at the beginning of the 90’s, Thomas Schostok works at the crossroads of fine art and graphic design. Still focusing on web and print design, {ths} also had international exhibitions. His love for typography can always admired in his art and design work. For his project entitled ›BEAST Magazine – The Bible of Inspiration‹, 2001, Thomas Schostok invites artists and designers to participate, providing a perfect example of how technology can provide alternative means of publication. In 2002 {ths} co-founded The Cape Arcona Type Foundry, a type foundry that produces and digital typefaces and creates custom and corporate typefaces.

2021, ›REIHEN‹, Plastikcomb Publishing
2017, ›Almost Ready‹, self published
2013, ›{ths} Mr. Trash‹, eBook
2008, ›{ths} Mr. Trash‹, sold out
2008, ›{ths} Hard Blow‹, Rojo® Editions

2010, ›{ths}: Art and Typography‹, Galeria Design – BWA Wrocław, Poland
2010, ›Reflektor 3: Spieltrieb‹, FH Dortmund, Germany
2006, ›33PT‹, FH Dortmund, Germany
2006, ›Speaker’s Corner‹, Münster, Germany
2004, ›BD4D‹, Mannheim, Germany

Reflektor 3, Fachhochschule Dortmund
Typo Lyrics, Slanted
Type Addicted, victionary:workshop limited
Custom Kicks, Laurence King Publishing
New Typographics…, Pie Books
The 1000 Journals Project, Chronicle Books
Data Pilot 1.0
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Vierkant Magazin
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Bloodwars Magazine
Bloodwars, Volume One
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