CA Capoli

Presenting CA Capoli, an elegant script typeface infused with a nostalgic vintage essence, making it an ideal choice for captivating illustrative titles and distinctive logotypes. This versatile font is available in two styles: Regular and Stroke, providing you with creative flexibility.

The spark of inspiration for CA Capoli ignited during my sojourn in Italy, a momentary reprieve taken in a cozy bar amidst a scorching day. It was there that my attention was captivated by a modest ceramic ashtray resting on the table. Embossed within was the word "Nido," scripted in a typeface reminiscent of the 1950s era. Intrigued, I embarked on a quest to unearth the origins and significance of this word, yet its true story eluded my grasp, shrouded in mystery. Was it associated with a bygone hotel, an enigmatic eatery, or perhaps vintage Italian cigarettes? What remained steadfast was my fascination with the logo's design, prompting me to embark on a transformative journey – giving birth to a typeface.

However, this endeavor was no small feat, as I possessed only four letters from which to extrapolate. An imaginative process unfolded: how might the absent letters, if they ever existed, have taken form? The culmination of this exploration is CA Capoli – a manifestation of my conjecture. This typeface not only features a comprehensive Central European character set but also offers an array of exquisite alternative letters, enriching your design palette.

CA Capoli, a tribute to an encounter in Italy, is an embodiment of both the mystique of the past and the creativity of the present, allowing you to infuse your projects with a timeless elegance that pays homage to an era long gone yet forever cherished.

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Created for Cape Arcona Type Foundry

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