CA Capoli

CA Capoli is a fine script typeface with a vintage touch. Perfect for illustrative titles or logotypes. It comes in two styles, Regular and Stroke.

The inspiration came during my trip to Italy, where I took a short rest in a bar during a hot day. I discovered a simple ceramic ashtray on the table. The word “Nido” was inscribed in a typeface that looked like it dated back to the 1950s. I made some investigations about the word, its meaning and origin but it still remains a big mystery. Was it the name of a hotel or a restaurant or some vintage Italian cigarettes? I was so amazed about the design of the logo that I decided to create a typeface out of it. A sophisticated endeavour because I just had four letters. How could the rest of the letters – if it ever existed – have looked like? My hypothesis is CA Capoli. A typeface with a full Central European character set and some nice alternative letters to chose from.

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