CA FourtyOpen

CA Fourty Open's nomenclature stems from its position as the 40th endeavor to craft a contemporary neon-sign inspired font tailored for today's world, and perhaps the world of tomorrow. Characterized by its dual lines, this font exudes a distinctive flair, poised to elevate your headlines to new heights of visual impact. A progression from the foundation laid by CA BND, CA Forty Open forms a harmonious pair with its single-line precursor, as well as effortlessly aligns with our dual-lined script, CA Capoli.

Despite adopting an all-caps design, the uppercase characters exhibit a nuanced divergence, appearing even more open compared to their lowercase counterparts. This distinctiveness is further complemented by the inclusion of a comprehensive Central European character set. Here's to creativity – cheers to the artistry of CA Fourty Open!

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Created for Cape Arcona Type Foundry