Galerie Bernd Kugler

In cooperation and based on the concept and design of Sichtvermerk, Germany, we developed a website for the Galerie Bernd Kugler from Austria.

Highlights of the programming included a flexible modular design for content, as well as the linking of different pages, which allowed the client to make changes easily and promptly without prior knowledge of the backend.

Particularly in the "Artists" section of the website, we programmed several modules that allowed the gallery to flexibly utilize the availability of the artists' source material. Various components such as "viewing rooms", slide shows, texts, videos or image material could thus be set up and maintained by the customer himself with little effort.

The CMS used, ProcessWire, gave us the opportunity to implement the individual requirements of the design without a great deal of time. ProcessWire also made it easier to learn and understand the tools for maintaining and administering the website, which with most other commercially available content management systems is a lengthy and costly process that can hardly be mastered without training. As a result, even inexperienced people were able to maintain the site intuitively without training.


Galerie Bernd Kugler, Austria


Development, Code