8! – Achtung

{ths} was commissioned by Zipcon Consulting GmbH, Germany, to create an editorial design for a fictitious newspaper as a showcase for the diverse printing possibilities in the newspaper printing technology. 
For the project, various designers were commissioned to design in their own design styles, whereby the supplied texts and images were identical. This should show the variety in both design and printing methods.

As a guideline we got the task to design the design of the newspaper in the typical {ths} “Punk-Style”. The name of the newspaper was freely selectable. We chose “8!” as the abbreviation for the German term “Achtung!”.

The last time {ths} designed a newspaper in a rather trashy style goes back to the year 1996/1997. {ths} worked at that time on the program magazine in newspaper style for the “Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus”, which was developed in cooperation with the advertising agency Rempen & Partner (founded by Thomas Rempen) and David Carson, who created the corporate design for the “Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus”.

Presse-Druck- und Verlags-GmbH, Germany


Newspaper/Editorial Design