METRO Corporate Type

As part of the Cape Arcona Type Foundry I was thrilled to receive a prestigious commission from METRO Wholesale and Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg to develop a custom font for the brand's appearance. As experts in typography and design, we took on the challenge with enthusiasm, aiming to create a font that perfectly aligns with the brand's corporate design philosophy.

Building upon the foundation of the renowned CA Cula font, we embarked on the journey of crafting a unique font family that would capture the essence of the METRO Wholesale brand. Our goal was to develop a versatile font that could seamlessly adapt to various applications, ranging from eye-catching posters to essential price and text labels, from impactful point of sale materials to engaging brochures, and even the brand's online presence through their website.

The font we created not only fulfills its practical purpose as a text font but also possesses the ability to make a bold statement as a display font. This flexibility allows the brand to maintain a cohesive visual identity across different mediums while conveying their message effectively.

One of the distinctive elements of the brand's fresh corporate design is the concept of the "Angle of Success." This concept is skillfully incorporated into various graphic elements, and we wanted to extend its presence to the typography as well. Drawing inspiration from the brand's logo, where the angle is represented by an ascending yellow area, we decided to integrate this unique angle into the CA Metro typeface.

To reinforce the overall corporate design and ensure visual harmony, we meticulously crafted stroke endings in the CA Metro font at a precise 16-degree angle whenever it was appropriate. This attention to detail not only enhances the visual appeal of the font but also strengthens the brand's identity and consistency.

The result of our collaboration with METRO Wholesale and Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg is a custom font that truly embodies the brand's vision and values. It seamlessly blends into their corporate design philosophy, conveying professionalism, modernity, and innovation. We are proud to have contributed to their brand identity and look forward to seeing the CA Metro typeface in action across a multitude of applications, leaving a lasting impression on their audience.

Images courtesy of Serviceplan Group SE & Co. KG, Germany

Serviceplan Group SE & Co. KG, Germany