CA Recape

 CA Recape, a captivating and unconventional vintage script family comprising two distinctive styles. This font proves to be an exceptional choice for crafting logotypes, headlines, signs, posters, and any design endeavor that calls for an exclusive bespoke touch.

The genesis of CA Recape derives from the lettering of 1950s America, albeit in an unconventional twist. Instead of resurrecting a solitary style, I've curated a "Best of" amalgamation, cherry-picking the quirkiest and most exquisite letterforms from an era marked by distinct beauty. These forms converge within a single font, yielding a delightful and idiosyncratic creation – an endearing anomaly that can be best described as both weird and beautiful.

Within CA Recape, a treasure trove of OpenType features awaits, including underlining swashes, Stylistic, Discretionary, Titling, and Contextual Alternates, as well as ligatures, all tailored for seamless use in OpenType-compatible software. To further enhance your designs, the font is accompanied by an assortment of charming ornaments.

There is also a Raw style, offering the authentic worn aesthetic of a poorly printed raw font. This diverse range empowers you to infuse your projects with distinctive character, allowing your creativity to shine in its unique form.


Created for Cape Arcona Type Foundry

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