CA Viva Las Vegas

Introducing CA Viva Las Vegas, a refined light bulb font that draws inspiration from the iconic signage adorning 1970s concert halls, echoing the era when Elvis graced Las Vegas stages.

Embracing versatility, this font offers two distinct styles: "NIGHT" and "DAY," accompanied by four distinct weights: Ultra Light, Thin, Light, and Regular. These options are structured within a layered system, providing an expansive canvas for design exploration through font combinations and color variations.

Equipped with a broad character set catering to numerous languages, CA Viva Las Vegas truly shines when employed in larger font sizes. Its evocative design encapsulates the luminous spirit of a bygone era, making it a striking choice for designs that demand a touch of nostalgic glamour.

Available at: Cape Arcona Type Foundry


Created for Cape Arcona Type Foundry