PCM Corporate Design

Plastikcomb Publishing House, USA

Plastikcomb Publishing House commissioned {ths} to design their corporate identity which should have a certain rough and grunge style. Loose based on her faible for collage art we created the logo, a mascot, called “Dusty” and also a corporate typeface for use in their first issue of Plastikcomb Magazine.
For the back of the letterhead we created several collage-like designs. Like the back of the letterhead, we created different variations of the PCM logo, which can be used playfully on the different media the produce and publish.

We developed (on behalf of The Cape Arcona Type Foundry) the PCM corporate typeface for use within the layout for the Plastikcomb Magazine.

We also created a lot, a lot, a lot of promotional media for the first issue of Plastikcomb Magazine