Outrun, a German sports magazine tailored specifically for athletes living with disabilities, made a significant impact during its publication run from 1999 to 2010. In the realm of editorial design, {ths} played a pivotal role in shaping its visual identity.

The magazine's visual aesthetics were far from conventional, as it deliberately embraced a rugged and textured design that set it apart from the mainstream. This distinctive approach extended to its typography, where experimentation played a crucial role. The use of unconventional typefaces and the deliberate incorporation of ever-changing fonts added a dynamic and unpredictable element to the magazine's visual language.

These design choices not only served to captivate the audience but also reflected the spirit of resilience and adaptability that characterized the athletes featured within its pages. Outrun's innovative design, marked by its distinctive texture and experimental type, contributed to its unique appeal and made it a standout publication in the world of sports magazines catering to athletes with disabilities.

Erschbaumer Verlag, Germany


Editorial Design