PCM Plastikcomb Magazine


Plastikcomb Publishing House PPH, USA

What do you get when you have two graphic designers who have no formal training, never met or talked over the phone, and live 3,292 miles apart?... Plastikcomb Magazine. ⁠

Plastikcomb Magazine was founded by Aaron Beebe and Thomas Schostok and is an art publication that breaks the mold of typical magazine formats. An independent magazine about international contemporary art with interviews, exciting artists, a lot of art and bizarre layouts.

Editorial design by {ths}, Aaron Beebe and guest designer.
{ths} worked on a lot of pages for PCM, did a lot of advertising stuff, created the corporate typeface, the logo and the mascot.

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“I think it's fantastic that two designers with no formal training are creating a magazine. If you go back in design history, you'll see that your results are quite similar to what David Carson achieved in the eighties and nineties with Beach Culture and Raygun. ⁠As the eighties are being mined for a comeback in fashion and music, maybe we are ripe for this happening in graphics as well. ⁠”
Stefan Sagmeister