Deichmann Corporate Type

As part of the Cape Arcona Type Foundry, I was com­mis­sioned with the cre­ation of a cus­tom type for DEICHMANN, one of Germany’s biggest shoe retail chains.

The task was to develop a type­face based on the new logo­type cre­ated by KW43 BRANDDESIGN. The aim was to design a type­face with more clar­ity, sim­plic­ity and ele­gance than the exist­ing cor­po­rate font. As the label­ing of prices in stores and cat­a­logs is a typo­graphic focus in the DEICHMANN com­mu­ni­ca­tion, the greatest care was taken in the design of the numer­als. The selec­tion of weights was spe­cially designed to meet the needs of the new cor­po­rate design (awarded among other prizes with the RED DOT AWARD).

The first impor­tant addi­tion to the orig­i­nal DEICHMANN type fam­ily, was the design of a Cyril­lic char­ac­ter set. Since DEICHMANN’s activ­ity in East Europe is focused on Bul­garia, the new let­ters were designed to please Bul­gar­ian eyes, for there are a cou­ple of fine but dis­tinct dif­fer­ences between Russ­ian and Bul­gar­ian Cyrillic.

KW43 BRANDDESIGN / Deichmann, Germany